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About our studio


Our Awesome Story

Francesco Adorni Architect is a design studio founded in 1998 that is specialized in different areas of architecture and interior design for residential, commercial and office buildings, with particular orientation in environmental issues of sustainability and energy conservation. During 15 years of practice office has participated and received several awards for architectural competitions.

For over 10 years we have introduced the use of BIM Building Information Modeling as a fundamental component of our work. Not only this has allowed us to address usually reserved orders and projects in large organizations but has brought great benefits to the entire workflow from design to implementation. Building information modeling makes it possible to greatly improve the planning, design, construction and management of buildings, thus drastically reducing errors, increasing the accuracy of the project, cost estimates, construction of accounting, till the stage of maintenance in aid to facilities offices.


Our Skills

Energy efficiency in the architectural design is not just for our study a topic of ethical responsibility, but a design philosophy that always remains in the background during all stages of product development. And 'understood as a synonym for quality in building, linked to a different more industrial and controlled approach, which is expressed in a greater durability of buildings, increased comfort of the rooms, integrated solutions to acoustic problems. Through training first at the Casaclima agency of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, then participating in numerous conferences and trade fairs, and finally through the accreditation courses for energy certification CENED, we have acquired skills and professional practices that have allowed us to experience solutions energy efficiency specifications for the various situations and latitudes. Currently the design standards acquired from the study is the ZEB Zero Energy Building.





Our Fantastic Team


Our Timeline

The study has lived his first fifteen years as a continuing challenge in one of the most competitive market in the world for architets and during one of the most serious crisis for the construction industry. Italy, however, is also one of the most exciting places to design and something that you learn is using the same interest regardless of the scale of the project. That's why we are used to switch from large urban master in to very small experimental interventions with maximum flexibility.


Looking ahead

Following the collaboration with architects and foreign companies and some victory in international competitions, the study seeks to expand its activities abroad. In particular, we have built relationships and cooperations with Turkey, Georgia, Russia and Poland with the ambition to combine our consolidated activity in Italy with international projects.


The office increses

Following the assignment for the construction of a residential complex in Vimodrone, the office increses and involves Massimo Bernardi as a partner.


Making this the first

Francesco Adorni founded is own studio in Milan. The main activities of the studio are:

  • Participation in competitions
  • Architectral design
  • Interior design

From the very beginning one of the main issues is the sustainability and the energy efficency\