House in Milan

House in Milan

Project details

Before the renovation the apartment had a classical distribution with corridor. The presence of a series of staggered pillars hardly reduced every possibilities of the spaces.
The project is based on the research of a fluid space, where the presence of the pillars was no longer felt and where the lack of spaces dedicated to the distribution allow optimal utilization of the available square footage.
The apartment is arranged around a volume by the dynamic form, which contains the dressing room and a small bathroom, and who clearly distributes the different areas of the house: kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom.
This element is the absolute protagonist of the home and determines the functional distribution as well as the architectural features. The dynamism that evokes need to do read not as a boundary of space but as an object in space, as well as to increase the dimensional perception of the apartment.
They are thus created a series of logical and relations. To give the feeling of fluidity of the apartment, floor space is divided into two zones. Part of it is all white and tiled with large white stoneware tiles and includes the central volume, while the other is paved with large oiled oak tables arranged in the sense of the volume. To the "white" part belong the most "cold zones", the kitchen and the bathroom, while to the parquet area the most "hot" as the bedroom and the living room. These areas are separable by means of a sliding wall in full height that can disappear or split depending on the needs.
On this general subdivision by material it is added a second logic that will characterize any environment with a dominant color, without it being perceived by other areas of the house.
So the walls of the central volume were painted with strong colors; a green light for the entrance / kitchen area that matches the white of the floors and walls; bright red for the living / sleeping area where has joint to the oak parquet; finally lilac characterizes the main bathroom.
In order to maximize the continuity of the kitchen space it has been divided from the living room by a glass wall that isolates the environment only from the point of view of odor. The kitchen has been made to design, including fires peninsula made of steel by Foster and the work plan in Dupont Corian, by craftsmen who also built on a design the head of the bed and various cupboards that is attached to the house.