Via Val Gardena, Milan

Via Val Gardena, Milan

Project details

The project site is located on the northern outskirts of Milan. The theme of the project is the demarcation of the border that becomes the protagonist of the architectural design. The fence becomes a building, while shielding from noise and defining the privacy of interior gardens and eventually the houses.
The living rooms, away from each other, are in contact with private open spaces. The distribution follows the logic pattern of three independent units and independent.
The gap between the three units becomes a place dedicated to common services. The swimming pool, covered by overlying terraces, is available directly from individual properties.
The upper floor is designed as a compact and impenetrable volume thet defend peace and privacy.
All rooms with large windows overlooking big terraces that separate the different properties. In this way each room has its own space
bright and open but protected by external agents.