Mountain Hut

Mountain Hut

Project details

The cabin clearly evokes the image of large debris blocks lying at the foot of the cliffs. For this it is composed of two volumes that recall the dynamism of the erosion process.
The main volume houses the bunks and the space for eating; the smaller volume solves the problem
access to the bivouac in various seasonal situations but also constitutes a stopping point for all
hikers, even those who do not stay overnight: more and more bivouacs are
becoming a destination for day trips and not just a starting point for wall climbing. The project
wants to offer a destination to both these types of users.

The dolomites are mountains in constant evolution; they change over the years because of crumbling
of rocks and following the forces of geological movements; they change over the seasons
mainly due to the snow; they change during the day due to the refraction of light
on the dolomitic rock. The bivouac that we offer is covered in aluminum sheet to reflect the lights
and the colors of the mountains and to accompany the change.