Cerklje ob Krki, Slovenia

Cerklje ob Krki, Slovenia

Project details

More than for any other type of building, architecture for the school is called to a pedagogical function. It therefore needs to represent and teach the values ​​of the community. Firstly, in our opinion, should speak of its territory and its history. This is why we propose a building that has its roots in the local building tradition (bridge, kozolet, etc.); which uses the raw material supplied from the territory; that welcomes the environment inside and that enhances the architecture of the past not only by integrating it into the new complex, but by establishing a dialogue with it that goes beyond architecture and become the paradigm of a future that can not do without the past.
The idea behind the project is to make the old school building protagonist of a public space in which the new building acts as a " scenic backdrop ". This space brings together all the various functions in the school complex , but it is also a public place, where parents and children can stop before and after school.

We believe that this significant space is generated by the dialogue between the volumes of the old school and the new one. The whole area is set up as a " plate " that holds the stone-paved pedestrian areas, parking places , parking lots, green islands, etc ...
The facade of the new school mentions in a clear manner the traditional wooden architecture, and defines the space of the school not only from the architectural point of view . Is in fact the limit beyond which are accessed the various school functions and that is closed out the opening hours of the school.

The rear of the existing building that currently houses the gyms and other functions has been preserved and incorporated into the new building since it does not involve elements of architectural preservation. It is , however, become the fulcrum around which are organized all school functions and where are located the main common facilities (gym, cafeteria , kitchens, etc. .. ) .

In the opposite position with respect to this central element were designed the kindergarten on one hand and the elementary school on the other hand. The entire expansion assumes a compact L shaped form in which the ends are occupied by classrooms while in the corner they are placed the shared services.