Project details

The rural peasant house currently in existence has a clear and valuable morphology based on a simple rectangular plan which effectively resolves the theme of the difference in level of the land and leads to a construction simplification which, located over time, is synonymous with efficiency in the use of resources . It seemed to us that a hypothesis of expansion of the building typologically similar to the existing building, but certainly without the same motivations, the same quality and morphology of the materials would have been a distortion of the essence of the traditional rural building. In our opinion, it is better to openly declare the difference between the new and the old, leaving everyone their own identity but linking them in a dialogue aimed at enhancing their qualities and the different historical contexts.
The existing building is therefore recovered and renovated also through structural and seismic adaptation, energy requalification, plant adaptation. The building being expanded expresses the strength of its structure and strength in the use of reinforced concrete, also for the benefit of the existing building.
Architecturally, the project plays on the contrast between the two volumes. Introverted and closed, characterized by a traditional roof each; open to the territory and the landscape and with a flat roof because the other wants to remain as low as possible. Even internally these different qualities compensate, creating markedly different environments ranging from traditionally harvested areas to sudden openings to the outside. The same contrasting dialogue of the external volumes is found in the articulation of the internal settings.
The large openings that open towards the panorama are not only a way of creating contrast with the rural building but also a proposal to compensate for the traditional lack of opening towards the wonderful view of the hills, a modern requirement and therefore absent in this kind of buildings.
The redevelopment and enhancement of the rustic in object aims not only to a functional and conservative recovery of the existing building but also to a rethinking of the entire property aimed at enhancing the investment over time and a signal of renewal and development in the territory.