NZEB Villa

Project details

Restructuring, raising and extension of an existing building. The new building will resume reinterpreting, alignments and types. The space between the existing part and one in stretching creates an interior patio around which we organize the various rooms of the house. It designed as detached villa has been organized so as to be divided into five autonomous units. The high thermal insulation (mean 20cm insulation) guarantees low energy consumption, satisfied by a system of geothermal probes and heat pump dimensioned so as to ensure also the summer cooling in the free-cooling system. The disbursement is through floor radiant panels. The building has been divided into five zones each with its own consumer contabilizzatore. Indoor air quality is guaranteed by a replacement system with heat recovery and high efficiency dehumidifier summer. Coverage on the road (south) houses a photovoltaic system integrated 6KW about who will cover the consumption of the heat pump (bringing to zero the energy balance and emissions for the air conditioning of the house). The amount of electrical energy is not used instead fed into the grid.