Milesi museum

Milesi museum

Project details

The transformation and expansion of the former " barracks " (originally private house) into a museum and library, it first opens a development issue : the transition from a building and land from "closed" as a private , for an "open " as public.
So first of all we proposed to remove all barriers and to involve the territory helping to discover and exploit the riches ( the rivers, the mountains, the micro - monuments, footpaths, etc. ). Hence the choice to move back the more possible the body in extension, so as to create a place for the town , part of an urban system that enhances this part of the fabric constructed as already happens in other parts of San Giovanni . Harnessing the lot in depth , then, using the ' building ( or rather the diversification of the building bodies ) Like a staircase to access Also at the back and Highest of the lot, where the view E Maximum: to walk , stand , Places Create of interest . Area of the entire Organization And though dictated From Buildings . The existing IS restored and developed in The protagonist of the new square ; L ' expansion is the background to the new scenario , trying to fit in a discreet but substantial in the new landscape of this part of San Giovanni Bianco . The building structure that emerges , while seeking the maximum functional flexibility , offers a very precise program , with a shared entrance for all functions , the library entirely on the ground floor and the exposure of Milesi that pervades all areas of the building . On the ground floor is a multi-functional hall opens the exhibition of the artist and extends at the same time keeping the library . On the first floor , independent of the other functions , a small coffee shop could complete functional building program.
Where it concludes the Milesi Museum , it began a "open air art exhibition " promoted by local authorities , and freely usable in outdoor spaces , being in our opinion the best way to commemorate the painter to take him for example and stimulus for the contemporary artists on territory.